Harsh environment? This is what you need to grow your marijuana.

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Growing marijuana is known to be easy and quick. When it comes to growing it, whether for yourself or over a large scale, it has proven beneficial over both scales; these properties of this intoxicant plant make it best suited to fill someone's desires and relieve.

Being aware the main enemy of a plant can be the environment it's in. A harsh environment is the worst for it, leading your plant to great damage.

Let's check out a quick tour over different harsh situations and how you can make your plant survive through them.

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Dealing With High Winds

Over coastal areas like Florida and California, marijuana can feel real stress over the branches. There are always chances of storms over there, making it difficult to grow a plant, while some planters use winds to force their plant to grow quickly.

Remember growing at such places; your marijuana can face competition for water, sunligh and nutrients.

Growing marijuana when it's cold

As marijuana is a hot-seasoned plant, it can't survive in cold conditions, and this type of temperature can be termed as really harsh for your plant. Outdoor crops need 18 hours of sunlight throughout the process of growth, yet over places with such cloudy, windy and cold weather all the time, it is a disaster for them,

One can put their plant indoors and provide them with lights for a good lighting cycle. And use a patio heater to save your plants from freezing and produce CO2 and moisture. 

Cannabis cultivation in high heat.

Cannabis plants love where it is humid, but excess of anything even cares harmful. In this mode keeping your crops dry can be the best solution for it. It will be the best possible solution to bring your plants indoors; by doing this, mould growth can be neglected.

Growing crops in heat. 

By now, it's known to you that heat is something these plants love the most. Growing your crops in heat can be beneficial, but if these crops are exposed to really high heat, it will devastate them.

  • It will be better to place them indoors and switch when you think the heat is a bit low.
  • Or you can use coolant to ensure healthy growth.

Best weather for cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis is best cultivated under certain conditions, as mentioned below.

  • Temperature- 22-25 degrees to me maintained with 18 hours of sunlight.
  • Humidity- 40-50% percent relatable.
  • Soil- soil having full over nutritive value containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus mainly with minerals like calcium, magnesium etc.

Rest, you need to maintain the PH scale and filters for it. Rest you can purchase as many accessories as you want


A perfect environment is always required to grow a healthy plant. Maintaining it is essential to enhance your production. Check out this link https://ilgm.com/.

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